"The result of a collaboration between Dali and famous photographer Philippe Halsman, Dali Atomicus is an ode to Dali’s famous painting Leda Atomica (which can be seen on the right of the photo). The photo shows Dali, furniture, and several cats suspended in mid-air while a stream of water snakes through the action like a deleted scene from Inception. It’s an amazing picture, considering it was made in 1948, long before CGI and Photoshop could have created the effect.

Instead, the picture was created the old-fashioned way—it’s all real. In order to achieve the effect, the furniture was held up by wires while Dali jumped and someone out of the frame hurled a bucket of water and several live cats into the shot. Unfortunately, the desired effect couldn’t be achieved in one take, or even two. It had to be done a staggering total of 28 times. Bear in mind that after each shot, some poor person (most likely the ’40s equivalent of an intern) would have had to round up the scattered, terrified cats, then throw them at the camera again.”


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Ilya Schtutza

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hallelujah chorus plays

Think of all the sangria you could make.

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We are not afraid to stick out necks out for Artie T at store 37 #boycottmb #marketbasketstrong

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'A well spent day brings happy sleep,' Leonardo da Vinci

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